021 - 100 CFM L-Module 6x4 flipped right-smallAn L-Module is an excellent way to keep your drying and filtration components in one combined unit. An L-Module generally consists of dryers, filters, regulators, dew point and carbon monoxide controls and monitoring. Our L-Modules are configured so that the system is easy to move on your jobsite, easy to service in the field and allows all components to operate with each other at peak performance. Our modules are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for single point connections reducing the amount of plumbing required on your job site.

Modules are available in refrigerated or desiccant dryer type. No matter the technology you choose for your equipment, we will provide the most efficient and cost effective configuration designed to fit your space and other requirements. We can provide custom filtration and other specialty accessories depending upon your application. All modules meet or exceed NFPA99C codes and other regulatory requirements.

The tables below list our standard packages or, as a custom manufacturer, we can build any unit to your exact specifications. Please contact our engineering department for more information

Questions? Feel free to contact us for assistance.

10-100 CFM Medical Air L-Module

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Questions? Feel free to contact us for assistance.