Dental Air

Dental air applications require both totally oil-less and ultra-dry air to preserve the integrity of dental instruments from moisture and oxidation, protect dental restorative materials and bonding agents and to destroy conditions that could cause bacterial growth. Air is desiccant dried before the tank enabling moisture free storage. Three-stage filtration, including 0.01 micron final line filtering, ensures the compressed air going through the system is free of all particulates, oil vapors and moisture contaminants. Our packages offer extremely quiet operation for dental offices.

We build air for the smallest dental office application to large dental schools, labs and other facilities requiring substantial amounts of clean, dry, oil-less air. Our packages are designed for easy installation, service and years of reliable use. We only use internally coated A.S.M.E. certified receivers and U.L. approved control panels. Systems are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for single point connections. All systems meet or exceed NFPA99C level 3 regulations.

Equipment Features:

  • TEFC motors are standard
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Air cooled – no cooling water is required
  • Totally oil-less, clean, dry air for all clean air applications
  • Internally painted tank to prevent rust or corrosion

System Advantages:

  • Compact, convenient footprint adaptable to a variety of configurations
  • Internally painted tank to prevent rust
  • Simple compressor design for easy, trouble free maintenance
  • Ultra Quiet Sound Enclosure options available for even lower db(A) levels
  • Ideal for replacements or new construction

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