Laboratory Vacuum

014 - Simplex Lab Vac 4site - 4x6Laboratory vacuum applications vary from application to application creating needs that can be difficult to meet with a cookie cutter “off the shelf” piece of equipment. As the system manufacturer with the flexibility to configure our components to match your every requirement, we fill a void not often found in the specialty vacuum marketplace. Optional elements are available such as custom automatic purge systems, intricate instrumentation panels, electrically activated isolation valves, bleed valves and controls to operate for a pre-determined shut-down cycle.

Our laboratory vacuum packages are equipped with by-pass piping, vacuum gauge, double valve drain system, and sight gauge. We only use A.S.M.E. certified receivers and U.L. approved control panels. Systems are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for single point connections. Our systems are designed to meet or exceed the National Institute of Health laboratory requirements.

Equipment Features:

  • TEFC motors are standard
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • High pumping capacity and conservative speed
  • Direct drive designs require no belts for operation

System Advantages:

  • Exhaust plumbing with drips legs and valves
  • Oil-less and lubricated pump choices and options
  • Air cooled – liquid sealed systems for optimum efficiency
  • Expandable options available for future growth

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