Dental Vacuum

Considering that dental vacuum levels are quite low in comparison to most other vacuum pump applications, dental vacuum can be a difficult function to provide for. Regenerative rotary blowers are generally the best choice for this high volume application. We use high quality, oil-less pumps capable of quiet, continuous operation. Space saver sizes and configurations are available for small spaces. Larger systems are configured in modules for easy mobility and installation on your site.

We supply vacuum for the smallest dental office application to large dental schools, labs and other facilities requiring simultaneous suction at numerous locations within the building.

Our dental vacuum packages are equipped with by-pass piping, vacuum gauge, double valve drain system, and sight gauge. We use only U.L. approved control panels. Systems are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for single point connections. All systems meet or exceed NFPA99C level 3 regulations for the dental vacuum industry.

Equipment Features:

  • TEFC motors are standard
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Regenerative, rotary blower type oil-less vacuum pumps
  • Air cooled – no cooling water is required
  • Direct drive design requires no belts for operation

System Advantages:

  • Designed specifically for high volume, lower vacuum level requirements
  • Dry running – no sealing or lubricating required in the pumping chamber
  • Can be used safely with nitrous oxide scavenging systems
  • Amalgam separator can easily be added into the system
  • Expandable options available for future growth

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