Medical Equipment Leasing & Finance

imageimageimageLeasing medical equipment makes perfect business sense. Leasing can provide the ability to purchase or replace new equipment, upgrade outdated equipment, add needed accessories, stay technologically advanced, streamline operations or grow your business without sacrificing cash reserves. Lease programs are tailor made and are designed specifically around your needs and business application.

Take advantage of these equipment leasing features and benefits:

  • Conserve your capitol for other needed expenditures
  • Conserve credit lines – a lease acts as an alternative credit line
  • Allows for more efficient cash flow and cash reserves
  • Saves money – a lease is paid for with before tax dollars
  • Tax advantages – your lease may be a 100% tax-deductible operation expense
  • Section 179 tax advantages may apply
  • Leasing experts are available to guide you

*consult with your tax advisor for tax deductions, advantages and benefits.

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